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Mr Nicholas Power - Over 25 Years Professional Clinical Experience

Lic Ac Dip Ac MACI H Dip Psy MHGI

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Welcome to Nicholas Power Acupuncture

You want the best acupuncture treatment available, provided in a caring and compassionate manner.

Based on my extensive experience since beginning practice in 1989, I can provide you with the highest standard of professional practice in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

“A journey of one thousand miles, begins with the first step”
Lao Tzu 500 BC

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> Anxiety

> Stress

> Depression

> Emotional difficulties

> Back Pain

> Chronic Pain

> Sinusitis

> Digestive Problems

> Fatigue

> Sleep problems

> Infertility and IVF support

> Painful irregular menstruation

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> Safe minimal risk or side effects

> Individually tailored for each client

> Improves health and well being

> Natural treatment


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Client Testimonials

I had terrible blinding migraine headaches on average once weekly, for about nine years . I had eight acupuncture treatments with Nick Power, my response was gradual and about half way through my headachs started to become less frequent, and less debilitating. Now I rarely get headaches and if I do I call Nick and have one acupuncture treatment to help me. After nine years I have my life back. Thank you Nick.
Female, age 39
I was suffering for three months with severe sciatica. I received four sessions of acupuncture with Nick, after the first two sessions I experienced 80% reduction in pain. I was pain free after my fourth session, and what also really impressed me was the way Nick advised me on how to manage and prevent my back problem for the future.
Male, age 43
Until I had acupuncture with Mr Power my life was very difficult as I had to endure terrible pre menstrual pain, severe emotional lows for two weeks of every month. I cannot express how my acupuncture treatment has transformed my life.
Female. age 32

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